Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ’s

What is Cruisin' To Change Lives?

Cruisin' To Change Lives is a pledge driven fundraiser in support of Children's Rehabilitation Foundation.

The funds you raise help the Foundation to support inclusive recreation programs, new technology, research and specialized equipment for children and youth living with disabilities.

Why did the location move in recent years?

After several years of listening to participant feedback, it became evident a new location was needed for Cruisin’ to be as accessible and inclusive as possible. In consultation with Rehabilitation Centre for Children Clinical Leadership we moved the event to CMU in 2023. This location was fabulous last year and we are so excited to return.

Is there a registration fee?

There is no registration fee. We encourage all participants to use our fundraising tools to raise funds leading up to the event.

Is there a minimum age to register?

Cruisin’ is a family event and we encourage all ages to register.


Why is fundraising for Cruisin' so important?

Cruisin' To Change Lives is a pledge driven event to help children and youth with disabilities live as independently as possible. All participants are encouraged to fundraise, either as an individual or a team member. The funds raised are integral to the Foundation’s continued ability to support equipment and programs. Your efforts are very important to the event’s success.

Are there fundraising incentives this year for Cruisin'?

For Cruisin’ 2023, we are offering the following fundraising incentives:

Early Bird Registration: Register before April 15 to be entered in a draw for one of two $100 Superstore gift cards.

Stay tuned for more incentives!

Is there a minimum I need to raise to participate in the event?

As noted, for Cruisin’ to be successful and help as many people as possible, we ask that each registered participant commit to fundraising. However, there is no minimum fundraising to participate. Please refer to the Fundraising page for ideas on how to get started. You can set a personal goal in your Participation Centre. Team Captains can also set up a team goal.

Do any of my fundraising dollars go toward running the event?

We are committed to keeping the cost of running Cruisin’ to a minimum and support from our sponsors, volunteers and partners contribute significantly to help offset event costs. Event operating costs are supported by sponsorships which maximize the funds that go to Rehabilitation Centre for Children.


How do I submit a cash or cheque donation?

If you have collected pledges by cheques, please ensure they are made payable to Children’s Rehabilitation Foundation.

To make arrangements to submit cash or cheque donations, please contact Monique Van Osch at or 204-258-6703. Cash and cheque donations can also be handed in at the Foundation kiosk at SSCY Centre or at the check-in table at the event on June 9th.

What is the minimum donation to receive a tax receipt?

Receipts will be provided for donations of $15 or more.

Participants and Teams

What is the Participant Centre?

The Participant Centre is part of the Cruisin’ To Change Lives website that is available to you after you register for the event. You will have a username and password to log in. Once you log in, you'll have access to excellent tools to set up your Personal Page with your reason for participating and send emails to supporters.

If you are a team captain you can set up your Team Page and send emails on behalf of the Team through your Participation Centre.

Log in to your Participation Centre on the Cruisin’ To Change Lives website by clicking “Login” on top right-hand corner of the page.

What if I need some help with the website?

Please call Monique Van Osch at 204-258-6703. She will get you started and provide you with ongoing support.

What if I forget my username and password?

Click the ‘Login’ icon on the top right corner of the Cruisin’ To Change Lives website. You will see a link that asks ‘Forgot your password?’ Click it. This will take you to a password recovery screen. You may also recover your username here. Check your junk mail if your recovery email doesn't appear in your inbox.

Event Accessibility

How are you making Cruisin’ accessible?

CRF strives to ensure all our events have a plan for accessibility. The following areas are included in our accessibility plan to ensure safe and inclusive participation at Cruisin’.

Location: The grounds at CMU offer a large, level concrete pad making it easier for some of our participants to move around. The vast field offers space to enjoy the outdoors with family, friends and peers after the cruise. In case of inclement weather, there is an accessible indoor space so the event can proceed.

Parking: Ample parking is located 100 metres away from the event site. This includes several accessible parking spots. Designated drop off zones will be marked and volunteers will be happy to help you when you arrive.

Route: Cruisin’ is a wheelchair and adapted bike friendly event. The paths on the route are level concrete or packed gravel. There is a choice of a 3km or 1km route.

Washrooms: Both accessible portable toilets and indoor accessible washrooms will be available. We will also have a changing room with a lift provided by the LIFE Program.


I’m interested in volunteering for Cruisin’ To Change Lives. What should I do?

Please call Monique Van Osch at 204-258-6703 or email She will get you started and provide you with ongoing support.